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The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, initially in association with Staple Magazine. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on the inception of the Showcase and please see below for where it is now.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we believe deserves a platform, whether simply because our readers felt it worth championing, or whether we have helped the writer on to commercial publication.

If you enjoy reading our Showcase, please feel free to share, and let us know on Facebook or on Twitter.

Wendy Johnson

“The moon, heavy and brimming with light, casts a blueish hue over the fresh layer of snow.  Hurriedly dressed for the journey, Richard huddles into his cloak. He’s unused to being outside at dusk, and this part of the castle, bordered by kitchens and wash houses, is unfamiliar. It’s where the servants live, where food is delivered and where it is cooked. Glancing at the towering walls, the upper casements shuttered against the world, he feels like an exile already.”

From ‘The Traitor’s Son’– included in the showcase

“Although I worked alone and kept the novel close to my chest, what I really needed was a professional opinion on the quality, or otherwise, of my work. Could I write to a publishable standard, or was I was simply wasting my time?”

Previous Showcase Authors

Tom O'Rourke – TLC Showcase author

Tom O’Rourke

“This future life is unknown to you. Now at this moment you look up at your unmoving, silent waiting audience. You half-raise your left arm and reach for the cup

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Christine Laurenson – TLC Showcase author

Christine Laurenson

“The bird swooped down over them, landing a short distance away, near the dragon. They seemed to know each other, and stood nose to beak for a few seconds, making

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Sai Murray – TLC Showcase author

Sai Murray

“They pick me up from the police station in the early morning. I am not surprised to see them even though it is over a two hundred mile drive and

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Leonardo Boix – TLC Showcase author

Leonardo Boix

“A leap away from becoming ghost. She stood erect, her bathing floral suit, sugared marigolds, a petal cap. She knew it wouldn’t last.¡Saltá, mamá!—Jump. Extract from ‘Gnarl’ – included in

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Jill MacLean – TLC Showcase author

Jill MacLean

“Priest and wise-woman have left him alone with a man whose brothers are afeard to come near him and whose heriot, should he die, will be a five-toed cockerel. At

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Elliot Sweeney – TLC Showcase author

Elliot Sweeney

“The day it happened was a black day. I’d had a good run of late, but still get them sometimes. I’ve learnt to take action otherwise the malaise will fester, so

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Kamala Jackson – TLC Showcase author

Kamala Jackson

“As arranged, I met with Satyan in a solitary shack found where the margins of the city met open countryside. ‘Welcome to the Hanuman Chai Shop. This is where I

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Vanessa Onwuemezi – TLC Showcase author

Vanessa Onwuemezi

“Routine was the word. I liked routine, a route to somewhere in time. A rope with which to pull myself along, by sheer force of will, to the other side

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Lynne Hudson – TLC Showcase Author

Lynne Hudson

Hello, my name is Scruffy, and I’ve lost my blanket. Where can it be? It’s snuggly and warm and smells just like me. I know, I’ll sniff it out! Extract

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Mike Wood – TLC Showcase Author

Mike Wood

“On the road ahead a wagon was on its side. Two German soldiers were on the ground, being treated for injuries. Several others were languishing by the roadside, smoking. A

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Sagheer Afzal – TLC Showcase Author

Sagheer Afzal

Sidra stepped forward and looked out again. She looked around apprehensively. She knew she looked awkward but there was nothing she could do about it. Some of the more experienced

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Cherry Radford – TLC Showcase Author

Cherry Radford

“The horror of coming ashore for good. God. A punch in the gut, and an irritation that has her glaring back at his lighthouse for an explanation. Were she and

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Peter Wood – TLC Showcase Author

Peter Wood

“Within a year I would not even look at Alec. I seemed hardly to notice him when we drove past the compound in the back of the Land Rover, laughing

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Harun Rashid

“Wadud’s story was entangled in the story of his nation, bookended by the two most important and bloody events in its history, its first birth at the time of independence

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Romalyn Ante

“This is the most important secret my father told me: Whenever you are lost, you must turn your shirt inside out.” Extract from ‘Way Back Home’ – included in the

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Maan Jalal – TLC Showcase Author

Maán Jalal

“Noor’s mother wore black and the air was scented with gardenias when they stepped out of the house. They crossed the road holding hands, making their way to Uncle Ali’s

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Anne Goodwin – TLC Showcase Author

Anne Goodwin

“I put my eye to the peephole and flick the switch on the wall. Inside the room, the ceiling light beams on the grass-green carpet dotted with daisies and on

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Bethan James – TLC Showcase Author

Bethan James

“Empress Cixi was a woman on a mission, but onlookers in the palace gardens would not have guessed this from the delicate footsteps she took in her silk shoes. The

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Alice Burnett – TLC Showcase author

Alice Burnett

“Over the previous few days, Leonie had asked Venus questions in bursts. Where was Daddy, when was he going to stop being dead, why was he dead, what was dead.

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