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Finn Dervan Showcase

“The curve of orange sun nudged the horizon and inched its way above the pea-green fields that quilted King’s County. Silhouetted against it, a young man crouched on a turn of track that emerged from the woods. The flat of his hand lay buried beneath the grass bordering the roadside. With eyes closed and head bowed, he whispered three words to the dark earth that cooled his palm. “For you, Micheál.”

From ‘Serenity Song’ – included in the showcase

“I genuinely believe that if I hadn’t used TLC’s manuscript assessment service, the novel would still be haunting literary agent’s inboxes – half-formed and incorporeal. Much of this is down to TLC reader and bestselling historical author, Imogen Roberton. When I heard that she was to assess my manuscript, I was heartened that I had been paired with somebody who wrote within the same genre as I; somebody whom I had the utmost respect for as a writer. Imogen’s feedback transformed the plot entirely and Serenity Song is a far better novel than it would have been had I not used TLC’s services.” From the Introduction