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Christine Laurenson

“The bird swooped down over them, landing a short distance away, near the dragon. They seemed to know each other, and stood nose to beak for a few seconds, making excited noises. Then the bird turned and began to walk towards them. As it did so, a strange wind blew up around it, causing the air to tremble and quiver. The bird seemed to stretch upwards, getting taller with every step. Sand and seeds, caught up in the strange wind, swirled around it. The bird disappeared into a shimmering column of light and out of that brightness stepped Amma Ragna.”

Extract from ‘The Dragon of Exnaboe’ – included in the showcase

“Part of the prize for recipients of the Scottish Book Trust New Writer’s Award is the opportunity to work with a mentor or to have professional feedback on an early, completed draft. Having taken the second option, I received a manuscript appraisal from Emma Pass, of The Literary Consultancy. Emma pointed out where the manuscript could be improved by strengthening the dramatic and emotional impact at specific points in the narrative. The feedback was clear, concise and accurate, and offered with respect, kindness and a great deal of encouragement, all things much needed by beginning writers like myself. This has been enormously helpful in guiding future edits.” From the Introduction