About Being A Writer

Welcome to Being A Writer, a programme of support for writers that prioritises literary creativity and emotional resilience.

Curated by the UK’s leading editorial consultancy, The Literary Consultancy (TLC), Being A Writer is a new membership community platform offering digital content to help writers understand how to sustain and protect their creativity and develop their craft in a range of settings. It is our belief that there is a gap for exactly this kind of programme, in a world where competitive industry standards mean that the focus is often on what is written. Instead, Being A Writer positions itself as interested in understanding why writers write, and how to help them to keep going.

The Being A Writer programme will also offer members the opportunity to be involved in the co-production of new content, so that we can be responsive and adaptive to the changing needs of our community as the programme grows. We hope you will join us on the journey.

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Online courses

Digital self-study courses by writing and wellbeing experts, to inspire creativity and resilience.


We go behind the scenes of the writing process, tackling issues including managing having a job and family with writing, finances, mental health, and fear of rejection.

Creativity Pills

Curated in collaboration with the Poetry Pharmacy, this creativity generator offers shots of inspiration to help you stay in tune with the muse. 

The Scrapbook

In this collaborative digital space, you are warmly welcomed to upload inspirational images, photos of your writing space or lucky writing objects, interesting things you have noticed when out and about, quotes that are meaningful – and be inspired by the uploads of other members of the Being A Writer community.

The Bookshelf

Inspired by our flagship online courses, our tutors, and our writers, here you can find a list of recommended reading to help you feel creative, inspired, and powerful.

Mini Writing Guides

A series of free mini guides on craft and creativity, published by TLC Press and available at no cost to Being A Writer community members.

The Downloads

A list of free downloadable resources to address some of the more practical, nuts and bolts aspects of how to be a writer.


A series of events, online and in person, for members. Connect, create, and share.


Originally commissioned during the lockdown for The Literary Consultancy’s Writers’ Corner, this collection of inspiring short exercises and activities has been designed to keep writers healthy and happy, to keep the spark of creativity going even in challenging times. 

Member Benefits

Discounts, promotions and special offers for Being A Writer members.