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Elliot Sweeney

“The day it happened was a black day. I’d had a good run of late, but still get them sometimes. I’ve learnt to take action otherwise the malaise will fester, so spent an hour running interval laps in Finsbury Park until my ears popped, then jogged to Savages Boxing Club where I bludgeoned the heavy bag until my shoulders were as bereft the rest of me.”

From  ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ – included in the showcase

” My experience with the TLC came through the ‘Free Reads’ scheme which I applied for upon completion of a 70,000 word manuscript of this project. My Reader, Claire McGowan, came back with a supportive yet challenging report. I was reassured of the novel’s promise, and was given specific elements to consider. It was clear Claire had absorbed the story, and I found her critique showed great empathy for what the book was trying to say. ” From the Introduction