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Pauline Walker

“Some things you can see coming, like when sunlight fades, dusk falls, darkness rushes to pervade. It’s inevitable. Like Enoch’s rivers of blood, staining London streets in ’81, ’85, 2011; like successive, regressive immigration acts; like institutionalised racism; like the outpouring of disgust following the Windrush scandal; like Brexit and the eruption of barely dormant racism, a slap in the face, figurative and literal; like life and its ups and downs. Like change, it’s cyclical, it’s inevitable. There’s a family in SW9 who are the descendants of the Windrush generation. They saw change coming but were slow to react. Too slow.”

From ‘The Truthteller’s Tale’ – included in the showcase

“I won a competition which had a prize attached to it, TLC’s Chapter and Verse mentoring. My mentor Tom Bromley was fantastic. The deadlines helped keep me on track with producing work and Tom’s reports have been incisive, objective and encouraging. I completed the first draft soon after the mentoring finished; a relief and a victory over doubt. Now, I’m doing my favourite part, re-writing and editing, bearing in mind the advice that Tom has given me. The next step for the novel is a full manuscript assessment and I’m looking forward to receiving the feedback.” From the Introduction