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Audrey Chin

“Girl ran down the stairs, out the front door and into the night. She ran between the pastel fronted houses whose flower plastered walls hid who knew what monsters, towards the wailing music and clinking glasses and hushed laughter at the bottom of the hill. She ran until she was stopped by a sudden silence.”

From  ‘The Ash House’ – included in the showcase

“I had completed a first draft and needed professional feedback. Fortuitously, the manuscript was selected for a critique by The Literary Consultancy under a bursary sponsored by Singapore National Arts Council’s Manuscript Submission Scheme (MASS) and administered by SingLit Station. Dr. Stephen Carver, an expert on Gothic literature, was my assigned reviewer. His feedback was supportive and to the point. I was in no doubt that Dr. Carver ‘got’ my story.” From the Introduction