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Maggie Humm

“Plucking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, Lily was desperate for a cigarette, but none of the ladies were smoking.
“Can you see my painting?”
“There it is, Lily,” Eliza said. “Look—they’ve placed it at eye level! Not skied at all.”
“Goodness. I imagined the Royal Academy would hate my colours.”
“You’re a revolutionary,” Eliza said, smiling, as she rearranged the French lace around her shoulders. “Clashing colours are the thing. It’s a new era.”

From ‘Talland House’ – included in the showcase

“The support and expert advice of the Literary Consultancy was outstanding and kept me writing and revising. The first stage was a report on my initial draft. This showed me I needed to take a Creative Writing Diploma which brought the novel to fruition. Without TLC Talland House would not be finished let alone published! For my second novel Rodin’s Mistress I am again drawing on TLC’s expertise, and again am so impressed by the reports and guidance. The TLC is a jewel in the literary landscape.”