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Christopher Owen

“None too bright in the head, that’s what they said of him, that’s what he thought they said, him standing there in the supermarket, on one foot and then the other. Store security, that’s him. Mondays to Fridays 8.30 a.m. till 5.30 p.m. Keep an eye open for shoplifters, the manager had said. Although he’d not seen any, any evidence of any, in all the two years he’d been turning up for work five days a week. Got a job though, his old dad says. Got a job, lad – him calling him lad, and him forty-three. Count your blessings, lad, his dad says.”

From ‘Store Security’ – included in the showcase

“In 2016 I put together a draft collection of stories which were expertly appraised and reviewed by TLC’s assessor Alan Mahar. This assessment of the collection proved to be most helpful and encouraging. It enabled me to focus on the what worked and didn’t work in my writing, to understand where my strengths lay.” From the Introduction