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Luke Tarassenko

“I hate flying. I heaved my bag up into the luggage compartment and clambered into my seat. I had to tuck my legs in and half-stand up a couple of times to let some other passengers past. I looked around for something to occupy my mind. Sat on my left was a very large grey-bearded man already breathing louder than I could think. I could tell he was going to be great fun to sit next to on this flight. (Sorry, that’s my sarcasm talking. I try to keep it under control but it gets out sometimes. What a shame.) I buckled my seatbelt around my skinny body and puffed out my cheeks. The palms of my hands were moist and I was breathing faster than normal. God, I hate flying.”

From  ‘Captain Weakling’ – included in the showcase

“Since beginning the mentorship, under Jane Adams’ guidance I have started to get some short stories published. Attending the TLC Industry Day especially for mentees, which gave me the chance to practice pitching to a real-life agent and editor and to receive feedback from them, was also immensely valuable.” From the Introduction