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Steve Sabella

“Let me take you back to 1996, when I sat alone in the back corner of Abu Shanab restaurant, a bustling hangout in the Old City. I was only twenty. The First Intifada had ended three years earlier, but I was still tormented by my severe episodes of depression, like aftershocks following an earthquake. Suddenly my eyes caught sight of a face shining ethereally under a table lamp. Her bright face, blue eyes, and delicate lips, as though painted by a master, were shadowed by her long black hair. She was perfect—a sign from the universe. My mission was to be with her.”

From ‘The Parachute Paradox’ – included in the showcase

“I almost picked up the pen to write this book when I was twenty. I started seventeen years later! As a visual artist, I’ve always seen the process of creation as eliminating the unnecessary. My TLC manuscript reviewer’s literary expertise helped guide me to go straight to the essence. I had infused a lot of emotion into the draft, and he pinpointed segments that needed to be toned down so readers would have the space to feel the scenes on their own. He also advised me not to underplay certain stories. I was considering moving a dramatic scene to the very beginning of the book. When I got the report, he confirmed my intuition, a great sign from an experienced reader. While I did not put every piece of advice into action, I found it insightful to hear an in-depth, neutral, and fresh perspective.” From the Introduction