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The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, initially in association with Staple Magazine. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on the inception of the Showcase and please see below for where it is now.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we believe deserves a platform, whether simply because our readers felt it worth championing, or whether we have helped the writer on to commercial publication.

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Suad Kamardeen

“Jamila presses the power button on her phone to silence the vibration from her mother’s call as she wheels her suitcase to the boarding queue. After a thirty-minute delay, they are finally boarding the plane to Berlin. She stops in the middle of the aisle, nearly bumping into the man with grey sweats ahead of her, to confirm that all she’s done is muted Mama’s call, not end it. There would be no end to her mother’s speech if that happened. She slips her phone into the front pocket of her backpack, and continues forward with a huge smile on her face. She’d practised this walk – her walk of freedom – in front of her bedroom mirror so many times in the past few days. It didn’t matter that her heart wasn’t entirely where she wanted it to be.”

From ‘Freedom, here I come’– included in the showcase 

“I’ve always craved a story that explored the nuanced struggle of being a black and visibly Muslim woman. It’s a very particular experience that is sometimes hard to pin down with words. But I’ve also read enough stories to know that nothing is impossible in literature. With this in mind, I turned to Toni Morrison’s quote, ‘if there is a book you want to read, and it is not yet written, then you must write it yourself.’” From the Introduction

Previous Showcase Authors

Nick Graham – TLC Showcase Author

Nicholas Graham

“Above us the kilns glowed deep against the darkness of the valley sides. Mud clung to my boots, every step adding a fresh layer. The last heave up to the

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Neel Patel – TLC Showcase Author

Neel Patel

“The train journey had been long, but they had managed to entertain themselves. The cans of lager they carried were cracked open within minutes of sitting down, and soon, the

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Kate Lockwood Jefford – TLC Showcase Author

Kate Lockwood Jefford

“It didn’t cry or make much of any sort of fuss all day, which was amazing really, considering. After picking the baby up, I’d dawdled at the fag-end of a

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Alinah Azadeh – TLC Showcase Author

Alinah Azadeh

“There is only one person ahead of me in the queue for the phone at school, which is in the corridor near the main hall and front entrance. It is

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Bobbie Jean Huff – TLC Showcase Author

Bobbie Jean Huff

“The woman beside her buttons her shirt, then wheels her cart back to the corner opposite where the other woman is squatting. Are they friends? It doesn’t appear that way,

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Fathima Zahra – TLC Showcase Author

Fathima Zahra

“Ramadan, 2019  We stalk the moon all month round, lick our lips, till the Adhan goes off on our phones, dig our teeth into the soft flesh of dates, wash

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Maia Elsner – TLC Showcase Author

Maia Elsner

“When a coal tit tears into my room. Rush of wings thrashes against white. No clouds. No whisper-thin rain threading through a grey miracle. Instead, this thing we call shelter:

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Merryl Futerman – TLC Showcase Author

Merryl Futerman

“Babe, its freezing. Can you get my parka? Such a straightforward request means I can turn over, keep dozing. This state of bliss lasts about a minute until I remember

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Jessica Zarins – TLC Showcase Author

Jessica Zarins

“She knows immediately after Nothing to Declare that he isn’t there. The air in the Arrivals hall isn’t any different from the plane or from Gatwick this morning. Thousands of

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Niraj Shukla – TLC Showcase Author

Niraj Shukla

“…The next station is Acton Town…Please mind the gap between the train and the platform…There are beggars and buskers operating on the train; please do not encourage their presence by

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David Shannon – TLC Showcase author

David Shannon

“Simple time keep people simple. This, that, be happy, be sad. Take books away, heads have less clutter. Take food away, everyone do as they is ask. Well, not everyone.

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Amanda Epe – TLC Showcase author

Amanda Epe

“Mama Coleman soothed Bessie’s sore feet, massaging them from the four-mile daily walk to school and back. It was a Friday evening and the miles had accumulated. The relaxing massage

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James Brophy – TLC Showcase author

James Brophy

“He was still on top of the hill, the same hill, except there were no buildings any longer. He noticed that the ground was wet in places. The sun had

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Eliza Vitri Handayani – TLC Showcase author

Eliza Vitri Handayani

“From Now On Everything Will Be Different tells the story of my generation. We grew up under the repressive New Order regime and learned to keep our mouth shut and

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Maggie Barrett – TLC Showcase author

Maggie Barrett

“Felicity sits at her desk, uncaps her pen, writes “Chapter 22’’ and stops. What is she trying to say? Not just now, in this minute, but altogether? What is this

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Jason Young – TLC Showcase author

Jason Young

“Joanna Bromley’ is a follow-up to my feature film script titled ‘The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano’. Joanna was the mixed-race daughter of Olaudah Equiano (aka. Gustavus Vassa) in 19th

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Sharon Duggal – TLC Showcase author

Sharon Duggal

“Jimmy Noone drifted, alone in a cold subway, falling away with the day as it faded to shadow. He dreamt of balloons: sky-blue, bought by his father to mark his

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Paul Crooks – TLC Showcase author

Paul Crooks

“I reach the St Johns Anglican church and as usual, all I can think about is death, especially when I catch sight of the stone wall and railings. I see

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Emma Cameron – TLC Showcase author

Emma Cameron

“Catrìona walked along the path beside the kirk carrying a bunch of spring flowers, passing the ancient yew tree, grooved and twisted, as old as time. Lifting the latch she

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