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The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, initially in association with Staple Magazine. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on the inception of the Showcase and please see below for where it is now.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we believe deserves a platform, whether simply because our readers felt it worth championing, or whether we have helped the writer on to commercial publication.

If you enjoy reading our Showcase, please feel free to share, and let us know on Facebook or on Twitter.

Kyle Powell

“As we look at the state of play in the modern era, we still see persistent issues of racial discrimination. A good example of this is the Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project was the attempt to completely map the human genome, meaning that our genetic makeup could be decoded, effectively understanding the building blocks of what makes us who we are. It is described as ‘one of the great feats of exploration’.”

From ‘The Diaspora Dilemma’– included in the showcase 

“The Diaspora Dilemma provides an overview of key challenges facing the African Diaspora, how they are connected, and how they can be improved. By unpacking the various economic, historic, social, health, education, government, media and psychological challenges, the reader is given a comprehensive overview of the breadth, scale and interconnectedness of a person of African descent in the West. In addition to articulating the problems, I also discuss possible solutions to each area covered.” From the Introduction

Previous Showcase Authors

Akeem Balogun – TLC Showcase author

Akeem Balogun

“She watched with her hands holding onto her knees and her legs tightly closed. As the minutes passed her lips dried, and she started to feel uncomfortable in her chair,

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Liz Coward

“For two years, we’d been meticulously drilled on how to respond when we were under fire. We’d practiced with the Queen’s firing blanks at us while our sergeant majors screamed,

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Maeve Clarke – TLC Showcase author

Maeve Clarke

“All their mother’s warnings about what a dangerous place it was and how they should always keep away from it, flashed through Inez’s head. Up close, she could see how

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Bernard Hall – TLC Showcase Author

Bernard Hall

“Lorraine unlocked the car doors and they climbed in. A nervous passenger at best, Miss Perfect could only hope that Lorraine’s driving might prove more sensible, more sedate, than some

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Elizabeth J Jones – TLC Showcase Author

Elizabeth J. Jones

“A small girl had darted out from the trees, made her way barefoot to the bay and then clambered onto the jagged rocks as easily as if she was wearing

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Sheila Chapman – TLC Showcase author

Sheila Chapman

“Taksheel looked resigned. It was the conclusion he had reached himself but to have it set forth like this made it seem absolute. He felt grief for the future that

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Sabo Kpade – TLC Showcase author

Sabo Kpade

“I hurried to the veranda and found him in a tangle with Amarya. I didn’t rush to intervene, unclear as to what exactly was happening. Muri was trying to free

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Jane Liffen – TLC Showcase author

Jane Liffen

“I go to fetch more water but I am thinking about the picture. In the black and white photograph, Auntie Pat’s lips are the same shade as the toffee apples.

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TLC Pen Factor Showcase

TLC Pen Factor Special

“He’d check for signs of life in a moment. For now though, he just sat. As the floodwaters of adrenalin subsided, the familiar sense of wretchedness was once again exposed.

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Anna Mazzola TLC Showcase author - photo credit Lou Abercrombie

Anna Mazzola

“Miss Sowerton stopped before a black door and produced a large key. A rumbling came from within the lock as the key turned, and Sarah had the sudden idea of

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Julia Webb

“There is faraway bird-call, the startled flap of a fresh waked pigeon,   A deer eye appears, and vanishes back into shadow.” Extract from poetry collection ‘Bird Sisters’ – included

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Rhiannon Lewis – TLC Showcase author

Rhiannon Lewis

“William was called away by one of the crew before he could respond. For a moment, Davy stayed at the rail watching the shadow of the Esmeralda turn in the

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Andrew Malcolm

“I wanted to know if Martyn and Spry were involved at all. In a really tight group like theirs it’s hard to tell the couples. They were one of those

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Deirdre Shanahan – TLC Showcase author

Deirdre Shanahan

“If it were not for the sun glinting on the pool of rainwater in the slight dip of the lawn, John would have thought he was back  home in Cloghan,

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Richard-Buxton - TLC Showcase author

Richard Buxton

“In the centre of the square, under the American flag, a loose halyard slapped the pole, out of rhythm with the swirling wind. The gritty snow, sharp as sand, had

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Kelleigh-Greenberg-Jephcott - TLC Showcase author

Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott

“Truman wills himself awake, peacock-plume eyed, empty champagne bottle in his lap.  He squints toward the open door, where the chauffeur stands with the sun at his back, features obscured,

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Michael Lawson – TLC Showcase author

Michael Forester

“11.00pm glides on oil into midnight and 12.30 am, until Tolly finally finds the courage to leave her sanctuary. She makes her way to the service elevator. Her finger hovers

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Jane Aitken – TLC Showcase author

Jane Aitken

“The Prime Minister’s posture looks relaxed, but if you look closely he still has the slight twitching of muscles, emblematic of months without enough sleep, and time zone confusions from

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Beatrice Crawford – TLC Showcase author

Béatrice Crawford

“Day after day, GM, the Great Wall lent me its ramparts in the grand setting of the YanShan mountains. I had no need to know where I was going or

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Alan Evans – TLC Showcase author

Alan Evans

“She had been the centre of his life for many years but now she did not exist. At first he had been convinced that they were made for each other,

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