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Community Guidelines

Being A Writer Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Being A Writer Community. Being A Writer is an initiative of The Literary Consultancy (TLC) Ltd. Opinions expressed in the Being A Writer community do not necessarily represent TLC’s point of view. 

In order to keep this a friendly and informative place, we ask all Being A Writer members to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be respectful online.  Show courtesy and respect to everyone both within the BAW environment and in your interactions with the BAW team. Remember that community members come from a variety of backgrounds and will have varying levels of experience with writing. This community focuses on writing as a process, not a product. Offensive text, images, videos or links have no place in this community and will be taken down.
  • Protect yours and others’ privacy.   All members-only content is clearly designated and viewable only by the Being A Writer community. Your dashboard is viewable only by you. We strongly advise you to protect yourself and others by never posting in any member area or comment thread any confidential or personally-identifiable information such as your password, surname, address, phone number or payment card details. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of how we at TLC keep your personal data secure.
  • Respect copyright. Some of the Being A Writer resources are downloadable, for ease of access. These are resources we are entrusting you with as valued members of our community. All content creators for Being A Writer have been paid fair rates for their contributions, and we ask that you please respect their time and expertise, and the parameters of this membership community by not sharing, copying, or disseminating any of the content outside of the Being A Writer environment. You are of course welcome to share your general experiences of Being A Writer on social media and we welcome your comments, photos and testimonials. Simply tag #BeingAWriter.
  • Obey the Law. Being A Writer will not tolerate posts that violate any law or appear to support any illegal activities.
  • Keep it relevant. Ensure your posts contribute to the category you are in.  Spamming, solicitation, chain letters, and advertising, in particular of services that may be deemed competitive to TLC’s own writer services, are all inappropriate. Also, remember that you are addressing a community of your peers. If you would like to discuss something with TLC directly, please email We welcome your comments and suggestions.

If you break any of these guidelines, intentionally or by accident, moderators will remove your post. TLC reserves the right to manage and moderate the community as we see fit for the benefit of the community, and the right to remove members from the community not adhering to these guidelines. We also reserve the right to amend these guidelines without prior notice.

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