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Nell Bryden

“The second time I saw Lori I fell in love with her eyebrows. Lovely dark little dancers, arching like caterpillars above her brown doe eyes. They bent into the worry line, flattened their backs with disapproval, and stretched out when her cheeks lifted with amusement. Those eyebrows told me everything I needed to know: I’m happy to run into you again. I’ve thought about you too. There is nothing to be done about how unhappy we both are.”

From  ‘Little Wing’ – included in the showcase

“I came up for air and thought: now what? The manuscript felt both precious and impossibly flawed. I couldn’t see what was working and what wasn’t. Friends and family were too busy to give it a decent read, and I didn’t really want to hear what they thought anyway. Enter TLC. I’ve worked with three different editors along the way, all giving me overview feedback, and each has been incredibly helpful.” From the Introduction