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The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, initially in association with Staple Magazine. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on the inception of the Showcase and please see below for where it is now.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we believe deserves a platform, whether simply because our readers felt it worth championing, or whether we have helped the writer on to commercial publication.

If you enjoy reading our Showcase, please feel free to share, and let us know on Facebook or on Twitter.

Wendy Johnson

“The moon, heavy and brimming with light, casts a blueish hue over the fresh layer of snow.  Hurriedly dressed for the journey, Richard huddles into his cloak. He’s unused to being outside at dusk, and this part of the castle, bordered by kitchens and wash houses, is unfamiliar. It’s where the servants live, where food is delivered and where it is cooked. Glancing at the towering walls, the upper casements shuttered against the world, he feels like an exile already.”

From ‘The Traitor’s Son’– included in the showcase

“Although I worked alone and kept the novel close to my chest, what I really needed was a professional opinion on the quality, or otherwise, of my work. Could I write to a publishable standard, or was I was simply wasting my time?”

Previous Showcase Authors

Lerah Mae Barcenilla – TLC Showcase author. Photograph by Ibi Keita

Lerah Mae Barcenilla

“I will never stop believing in fairies but we don’t call them fairies where I’m from. We call them gods.” From ‘Selected Poems’– included in the showcase

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Lisa LintottMustafa Marwan – TLC Showcase author

Lisa Lintott

“KEN: Oh you do do you? (Frankie looks at him straight in the eyes and nods) But the rules are the rules and they say you need to be eleven

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Mustafa Marwan – TLC Showcase author

Mustafa Marwan

“The road snakes through caramel desert, from the rustic harbor to Aden’s only functioning hospital. The sun is yellow and white, shades of my headache. Seatbelt-free, the driver pushes the

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Kyle Powell – TLC Showcase author

Kyle Powell

“As we look at the state of play in the modern era, we still see persistent issues of racial discrimination. A good example of this is the Human Genome Project.

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Elizabeth Lee (Photo by SWJPhotography) – TLC Showcase Author

Elizabeth Lee

“Screaming, a sound to stop the heart and freeze the blood. Someone was in trouble. Daniel ran, afraid of what he would find but determined to save the poor creature

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Suad Kamardeen – TLC Showcase Author

Suad Kamardeen

“Jamila presses the power button on her phone to silence the vibration from her mother’s call as she wheels her suitcase to the boarding queue. After a thirty-minute delay, they

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Mark Blackburn – TLC Showcase Author

Mark Blackburn

“It’s a very long time since I got the binoculars out and spotted a plane, but I still dream about them. Often. Not quite a recurring nightmare, but a recurring

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Zad El Bacha – TLC Showcase author

Zad El Bacha

“When she had first met him, they had sung together. Their voices had fused into one, a full, complex voice. Only an expert ear could have told the different elements

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Jessica Irena Smith – TLC Showcase author

Jessica Irena Smith

“What struck me most about the picture, though, was how happy they looked. Mom especially. I’d never seen her like this before, I realised – so carefree. It made me

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Tim Stretton – TLC Showcase author

Tim Stretton

“I’ve been in the underheated waiting room for nearly two hours. Standard institutional chic—puke-coloured lino, plastic wood chairs bolted to the floor, posters curling away from tatty pinboards, and a

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Lucy Weldon – TLC Showcase author

Lucy Weldon

“The Lazy Susan is turning. Anneka watches. Guests’ fingertips spin it clockwise then anticlockwise, slowly, politely, waiting for each serving spoon to be placed back. The chicken satay Madura on

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Zakia Carpenter-Hall – TLC Showcase author

Zakia Carpenter-Hall

“As a child, I mixed up the words musician and magician. I couldn’t be sure which one relied on magic, which was mostly preparation. Which artist makes something appear from nothing,  who

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Chuck Dalldorf – TLC Showcase Author

Chuck Dalldorf

“While I enjoyed exploring Aldeburgh, it was far enough away that daily trips from the base on a bicycle were not realistic. I needed an easily accessible safe place, a

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MW Sun – TLC Showcase author

MW Sun

“AHLUK          My mother and her six daughters. My poor mother, she kept trying for a boy, but all she got were girls. That’s me, the baby, the sixth girl. At

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Miriam Burke – TLC Showcase Author

Miriam Burke

“I love my job. I love standing in the darkness taking in the smell of their cooking, a whiff of perfume, or a trace of lemon fabric conditioner on a

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Daniel Adediran – TLC Showcase Author

Daniel Adediran

“Dolapo knew he was going to die. Not in any vague, distant way, but in a manner quite acute and not at all of his own making. The premonition clung

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Lachlan McIver – TLC Showcase Author

Lachlan McIver

“Life and Death Decisions is my little crate of dynamite. It’s part medical memoir, part call to arms for action on some of the greatest but neglected global health crises of

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Shazia Altaf – TLC Showcase Author

Shazia Altaf

“Ishrat knew a false step could be it. A plunge. The end at the beginning. Crossing jagged ancient steps root arteries snaked cliff faces offering secret footholds, whilst grassy clumps

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