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Pallavi Gopinath Aney

“Every so often Mrs. Mehta dutifully waited to do her washing after Mrs. Chadha had finished hers and then emptied the frothy, soapy water in a happy whoosh over Mrs. Chadha’s drying washing. People who had watched Mrs. Chadha’s washing receive the gray, sudsy waterfall swore that Mrs. Mehta had a manic gleam in her eye and tilted her bucket on purpose to ensure that an optimum amount of Mrs. Chadha’s washing was soaked. This unhappy drenching was usually followed by Mrs. Chadha’s hysterical screams; Mrs. Mehta usually just leant on her balcony railing and smiled down dispassionately.”

From ‘Musafir’ – included in the showcase

“In 2019, I submitted the manuscript to SingLit (a National Arts Council funded initiative in Singapore to encourage local writers) who in turn chose it to send to TLC to be assessed. The manuscript was reviewed by Kavita Bhanot, who sent me some incredible feedback on both structure and content. And, equally importantly, told me what really spoke to her in the story.” From the Introduction