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Kate Oliver & Toby Oliver

“It’s time to wake up!
Some people open their eyes and are full of enthusiasm for the day to come; others groan and yank the covers back over their heads. How does the day start for you? Do you rise and shine?
Your morning doesn’t have to be ruled by:

• a rush of things to do before leaving the house

• a long, drawn-out series of distractions that stop you from getting up and on with your day

• worrying and feeling miserable about either yesterday or the day ahead”

From ‘Rise and Shine – How to transform your life, morning by morning’ – included in the showcase

“Rise and Shine is our first book and our first time working together, and as brother and sister this wasn’t without its challenges. But it was also a great experience. We learnt from each other and, through the process of collaboration, created something much better than either of us could have done on our own. The accountability we felt to each other helped keep us on track and we were able to re-motivate each other at points where one or other of our spirits dipped, as we navigated the lengthy process and the ups and downs of writing and publishing.” – From the Introduction