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Daniel Adediran

“Dolapo knew he was going to die. Not in any vague, distant way, but in a manner quite acute and not at all of his own making. The premonition clung to him like a second skin, weighing him down into a slough of despondency that threatened to consume him at every step. He brushed his teeth, showered and put on a worn pair of Levi 501 jeans and gleaming white Nike Air Force 1s before packing his camera equipment into his car. The radio blared and for an instant he thought he heard a voice call his name, the moment was gone with a turn of the knob and he continued driving.”

From Xenopolis – included in the showcase

“Books like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Song of Fire and Ice series, cemented in the minds of millions across the globe, the stereotypical underpinnings of the Fantasy genre, with their movie and TV adaptations reaching many more who have not read the original text and come to fantasy with ideas brought from the cultural zeitgeist. This style of fantasy, none as High Fantasy or Secondary World Fantasy has become the byword for fantasy of all kinds, so much so that when asked about the novel, people had Lord of the Rings on their minds before I could gently correct them. High Fantasy, is escapist fair. One could argue that all novels are escapist, but High Fantasy in particular, a world completely different from my own, populated by flora and fauna unique to the setting (often a pastiche of many medieval European societies), is built to take the reader and immerse them in a magical world completely of the authors making, with fictional histories and battles coming off every page.” From the Introduction