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Lucy Weldon

“The Lazy Susan is turning. Anneka watches. Guests’ fingertips spin it clockwise then anticlockwise, slowly, politely, waiting for each serving spoon to be placed back. The chicken satay Madura on thin bamboo skewers shines with caramelised palm sugar. The white rice waits like perfectly wrapped parcels. The aromas of garlic, galangal and chilli from the beef rendang hover. Candles on the round teak table flicker under the cool of the air conditioning.”

From ‘Ultramarine’ – included in the showcase

“Despite the challenge of brevity, I found writing short stories incredibly freeing. I started playing with my writing – changing the point of view, writing something thrillerish, mysterious, lyrical and then funny. And I found my writing voice. Toni Morrison once said, to write the stories that you want to read. And I think I have in Ultramarine.” From the Introduction