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Nicholas Graham

Above us the kilns glowed deep against the darkness of the valley sides. Mud clung to my boots, every step adding a fresh layer. The last heave up to the charcoal stacks was a mimed toil, each movement more exaggerated than the last. I looked back. Saul was struggling twenty paces behind, a permanent scowl part agony, part outrage, all indignity, twisted across his face. I had draped a white shroud from the Temple stores around his neck and he was very obviously terrified of polluting it.From ‘The Judas Case’– included in the showcase

(Content warning: death, injury) “Yehuda from Kerioth was the most able undercover agent that the Temple guard ever produced. After eighteen months of meticulous preparation infiltrating the entourage of a Galilean holy man and would-be king of Israel, Yeshua from Nazareth, he came to Jerusalem at Passover and pulled off his greatest coup. Two days later he was dead. What went wrong?” From the Introduction