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Tim Stretton

“I’ve been in the underheated waiting room for nearly two hours. Standard institutional chic—puke-coloured lino, plastic wood chairs bolted to the floor, posters curling away from tatty pinboards, and a vending machine I can’t use because the change in my pocket comes to less than a euro.  A smell of plastic and overcooked vegetables coming through the vents, and a sub-audible electrical drone that I can feel rather than hear.  Who’d have thought it? Thirty-two years old, a background like mine, and this is my first time in a police station.” From ‘Catfish Alley’ – included in the showcase

“Catfish Alley is the archetypal lockdown novel. Although I’d already written six fantasy novels and been published by Macmillan New Writing, something about the enforced isolation of 2020-21 made me decide I was going to try a new genre—crime—set in a place I’d never visited—Barcelona.” From the Introduction