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Lachlan McIver

“Life and Death Decisions is my little crate of dynamite. It’s part medical memoir, part call to arms for action on some of the greatest but neglected global health crises of our time. With this book, I’m aiming to use the story of my life’s journey as the Trojan Horse by which to transport into the minds of readers a series of serious and important messages about the health of our communities and the challenges we all face.”

From Life and Death Decisions – included in the showcase

“I spent my days in Old Fangak treating the children that kept turning up in our Emergency Room, which, like most of the rest of the hospital, was nothing more than a muddy, mouldy, intensely humid tent. Many of these kiddies arrived comatose with severe malaria, having seizures and showing signs I’d only ever previously seen in medical textbooks. And I spent my nights sweating, swatting at the mosquitoes that bored their way like noisy, vampiric little ninjas through the multiple barriers of insecticide-treated net, then weapons-grade repellent, then my skin, and listening for (that is, hoping not to hear) the radio crackling into life with ‘Dr Lachie, Dr Lachie for ER’ – the summons to strap on my headtorch and stomp back through the mud in my gumboots to see what new sickness the swamp had brought forth.” From the Introduction