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Mike Wood

“On the road ahead a wagon was on its side. Two German soldiers were on the ground, being treated for injuries. Several others were languishing by the roadside, smoking. A lone German stood in the middle of the dusty track, feet apart, facing the oncoming ambulance. He began waving his arms to flag it down. Neville and Nick looked aghast as they slowed the ambulance down. Quickly, Neville banged on the partition behind him.”

From ‘Timber’ – included in the showcase

“In recent years the voices of a generation have fallen silent, just like the guns in 1918. The generation which followed, the veterans of the Second World War, are now few, particularly those who served through the whole terrible conflict. Soon their voices will also fade and only the films or the written histories will help us to understand what they endured and what a remarkable generation they were. Timber – Smashing Job, is a novel bringing the experiences of a soldier of the Royal Army Service Corps, 50th Northumbrian Division to life in a story of love and conflict, humour and sorrow, and sheer bloody-mindedness. The story begins in May 1939 as a group of raw recruits begin life in the British Army and it ends in April 1946 upon demobilisation. The story of the seven amazing years in between, based on the diaries and recollections of Lance-Corporal Neville Wood, ensures his voice will always be heard.”