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Harun Rashid

“Wadud’s story was entangled in the story of his nation, bookended by the two most important and bloody events in its history, its first birth at the time of independence from the British and the partition of East and West Bengal, and its second birth twenty-three years later, another independence and another partition: the Birth of Bangladesh. But in 1946, before either storm had fully erupted, Wadud was just a little boy, living with his family; adored by his two half-sisters, both old enough to be his mother, loved by his caring but often withdrawn mother, and most comfortable with his father who, being the most respectable Muslim leader – though not a politician – in the area, was hardly ever available to Wadud.”

Extract from ‘The River Flows Upstream’ – included in the showcase

“I have been wandering in the world of unpublished authors for so many years that it has often occurred to me that there is nobody to listen to my voice. Under such circumstances, the importance of TLC’s contribution to my writing endeavors cannot be overemphasized. I feel obliged to tell the customers of TLC that it is the greatest organization of its kind in the world. I can assure you that I have known quite a few to form such an opinion.” From the Introduction