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Cherry Radford

“The horror of coming ashore for good. God. A punch in the gut, and an irritation that has her glaring back at his lighthouse for an explanation. Were she and her mother really so awful? Mum was a bit of a nag, but did everything she could for him when he was home. And as for her… well, by that age, she was sitting around daydreaming or curled up with a book most of the time – not exactly a nightmare. Maybe he was just dreading leaving a life he’d known for so many years.”

Extract from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter – included in the showcase

“I ended up grappling with a three-headed whale of a novel; The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter (previously under a succession of dire titles) was not only three novels trying to be one, but it/they didn’t know what type of novel to be. Help! Enter TLC. The report from Sam Mills was necessarily critical – but galvanized me out of my women’s fiction comfort zone, encouraged me to write the novel I wanted to write, and showed me how to weave everything together. I’m extremely grateful to Sam for making my novel publishable, and highly recommend TLC.” From the introduction