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TLC Pen Factor Special – winner Adam Sharp

“The carpet on the stairs is thin and tattered. A thousand shuffling footfalls have worn it bare. The bedroom upstairs has a bed and a chest of drawers, and nothing else. There are five drawers in the chest. The first contains new syringes, rubber tubing, and spoons. The second contains socks and underwear. The third contains jars of pills, none of them legal, and several piles of five and ten-pound notes, all crumpled. The fourth contains T-shirts, jumpers, and jeans. All other items of clothing – leather jackets, woolly hats, fingerless gloves – belong on the floor. The fifth drawer is for the shotgun.”

Extract from ‘Daddy Was a Punk Rocker’– included in the showcase

“Writers’ Day gave me the chance to meet dozens of wonderful writers, including the other four contestants in the TLC Pen Factor final, who were all exceptionally talented; to get such detailed feedback from the agents and editor on the judging panel; and to receive, as part of the prize, a manuscript appraisal and ongoing support from The Literary Consultancy. I’m sure working with The Literary Consultancy will result in Daddy Was a Punk Rocker becoming a much better book.”