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Maán Jalal

“Noor’s mother wore black and the air was scented with gardenias when they stepped out of the house. They crossed the road holding hands, making their way to Uncle Ali’s house across the road from their own. As her mother adjusted her loose veil, Noor heard her whispered prayers. There were cars in the driveway of Uncle Ali’s house, some parked on the curb. Noor heard a sparrow singing on the branches of the tree ahead.”

Extract from ‘Eye of the Garden’ – included in the showcase

“I knew that the only way for me to understand whether Eye of the Garden was any good, had any potential and whether I should continue to write, was to hand my manuscript over to be looked at by an objective and expert eye. After contacting TLC, my work was read by editor and talent scout Kavita Bhanot. Reading her report about my work has been one of the most defining moments for me as a writer. Kavita’s observations of the story, character and plot were priceless and her words of encouragement helped me to believe in my work and myself.” From the Introduction