Showcase - The Literary Consultancy


The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working in association with Staple Magazine on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, both online and live at the Free Word Centre. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on this and showcase editor Wayne Burrows.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we have helped en route to commercial publication, or whose work a reader particularly championed.

We look forward to reading your feedback or comments on our Facebook group page.

Henry Fry

“I started HackLand to speak specifically to LGBT+ teens, and TLC’s Free Reads is a fantastic opportunity for me to have the space to develop my work and hopefully speak to a new generation of YA readers. I want to show young readers that there is a voice out there that supports them, that understands them, and, hopefully, will inspire them to feel proud and confident in who they are, whatever their differences.” From the Introduction


“I looked at the ticket on my phone again, at the spirals spinning around the castle on the island, then looked back at the real thing. It was all starting to look so similar – that’s why I’d felt the déjà vu. Sim was right, I could see it now we were closer; metal loops spilled out of the dark edges of the old fortress, and I realised it must be Pegasus – the fastest roller coaster in the world.”   Extract from ‘HackLand’ – included in the showcase


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