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The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working in association with Staple Magazine on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, both online and live at the Free Word Centre. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on this and showcase editor Wayne Burrows.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we have helped en route to commercial publication, or whose work a reader particularly championed.

We look forward to reading your feedback or comments on our Facebook group page.

Richard Buxton

“The greatest joy for me when writing historical fiction, are those serendipitous collisions between the history, the research, and my imagination, which serve to expand or deepen the story.” From the Introduction


“In the centre of the square, under the American flag, a loose halyard slapped the pole, out of rhythm with the swirling wind. The gritty snow, sharp as sand, had taken up residence in the air and sucked the colour from the scene. To Shire, the surrounding brown barrack huts, a tied bay mare, the blue uniforms, were all shaded towards grey. If ever the snow met the ground, it was soon collected into short-lived eddies and whipped back up to prickle his hands and face. He half closed his eyes against the sting, tried not to lick his cracked lips; it only made them colder. It still felt strange to be marching beneath that flag.” Extract from ‘Whirligig’ – included in the showcase


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