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The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working in association with Staple Magazine on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, both online and live at the Free Word Centre. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on this and showcase editor Wayne Burrows.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we have helped en route to commercial publication, or whose work a reader particularly championed.

We look forward to reading your feedback or comments on our Facebook group page.

Sabo Kpade

“Nok and Muri, my two central characters in Anyone’s Ghost, are first year students in a university who find themselves faced with the acrimonious division between Christians and Muslims over Sharia Law which they fear might turn into a religious war.” From the Introduction


“I hurried to the veranda and found him in a tangle with Amarya. I didn’t rush to intervene, unclear as to what exactly was happening. Muri was trying to free his hand from Amarya’s grip by locking her hand in his fist. She wrested free and rushed to enter the flat when Muri shoved her to the wall. He did so with no shame, the first sign that he was not himself. He’d lost too much weight. His vest was ripped through the middle and he struggled to pull up his slackened boxers while fending off Mallam Danlami’s wife. I forced my way in-between them but they promptly withdrew from each other. He panted. She didn’t. The glared into each other’s eyes was cold. Very cold. She lost interest and massaged the bite marks on her arm.” Extract from ‘Anyone’s Ghost’ – included in the showcase


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