The Literary Consultancy is excited to be working in association with Staple Magazine on an innovative showcase for its writing talent, both online and live at the Free Word Centre. See TLC Showcase Introduction for more on this and showcase editor Wayne Burrows.

Once a month we will highlight the work of one author whose work we have helped en route to commercial publication, or whose work a reader particularly championed.

We look forward to reading your feedback or comments on our Facebook group page.

Caroline Chisholm

“Swimming Pool Hill won the Bridport Prize’s inaugural Peggy Chapman-Andrews first novel award in 2014. I’m delighted that my Prize includes up to a year’s mentoring with The Literary Consultancy as this will be invaluable to shaping and developing the novel. It really is a dream come true to have this kind of opportunity to bring out the best in me and my writing.”


“My birth was hailed not by a single star, but by many bright lights that burned briefly in the night sky before falling to earth. The invasion of the Russian troops – the Suvari as we called them – heralded a new era for Kabul, and I was to grow up not knowing our land under its own rule. The Suvari paved their way into Afghanistan; they built the airports where their planes would land, they laid the roads that led their troops through Kabul. They say that minutes after birth, a baby is colonized by millions of bacteria. That’s how it was for me. I took a breath of freedom, before surrendering to occupation.” 

Extract from ‘Swimming Pool Hill’ – included in the showcase


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