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Writers’ Corner

Welcome to TLC Writers’ Corner, where you will find resources, tips, and practical information to support your journey as a writer. At TLC we believe that it’s best if we can furnish you with the knowledge you need to develop your craft as much as possible. If you do decide to come to us for one of our editorial services, you’ll get the most out of it if you come to us at the right time. Until then, we hope the following will help you as you navigate the world of writing, editing and publishing. 

If you are unsure of where to start, do have a look at our Writers’ Wizard, a tool we have created to help you understand where you are in the writing journey, and what TLC might be able to offer you.

TLC’s free online resource to help writers stay healthy, happy and inspired. Here you will find a range of inspiring and easy-to-follow writing prompts, short guided meditations, top tips on narrative craft and tips on boosting your resilience and overall sense of wellbeing. 

This free downloadable resource has been designed to support writers through lockdown and beyond.

Here you will find a list of common questions about TLC services, as well as about submitting work to agents and publishers, and self-publishing.  

Welcome to the TLC Press Craft and Creativity Mini Guides, a new series of practical ebooks for writers on aspects of writing and editing, written by our expert professional readers. 

Find out more about some of the TLC clients who have gone on to find publication success, from the bestselling to the critically acclaimed.

Each month at TLC we select a writer whose work we think is exciting or we think deserves a platform, and feature an extract on our website.

We regularly refer writers onwards to trusted sources for additional information, support and services. Here, we’ve collated a list of useful links which we hope will be interesting, helpful, and inspiring. 

Read our latest updates, news, and opinion pieces on all things literature, editing and publishing, in our blog and news round-ups

Need some practical help with formatting your mansucript, either to submit to TLC or to an agent? Look at our free downloadable document with top tips here, written by TLC reader Imogen Robertson. 

Get started with our free downloadable top 10 self-editing tips, recommended by TLC readers.