How to Apply

  1. Contact your regional writing partner to enquire about their Free Read submission process. Some regions hold competitions and some have an open submission policy. Deadlines will vary.
  2. When you submit your work to the regional writing partner, all submissions must include an ACE application form which will be sent to you by your organisation and can also be found at: ACE Free Reads Application Form. Please attach two copies to your manuscript, along with two copies of your proof of low income status. Please also ensure your manuscript adheres to TLC’s formatting guidelines.
  3. One application will be filed with the regional office, and the other application will be sent along with the manuscript to the TLC office.
  4. Submission details:
  • Never send an original copy and always keep a copy of what you send. We do not accept responsibility for documents lost in the post. This includes writing, and any paperwork you send relating to your financial eligibility for a Free Read bursary.
  • Include a SAE if you want TLC to return your manuscript. We will not return a manuscript if you have not included a SAE.
  • For poetry – clients must include a total line count for each poem at the bottom of each poem, and include total line count of all the poems added together on the cover letter. Poems should be formatted in their intended publication format.
  • For short stories – please include the total word count of each short story separately if necessary on the cover letter.
  • For all fiction and non-fiction extracts – please include a 1-2 page synopsis or basic outline of your ideas and a description of your intended audience/market. Please also indicate what genre you are writing in. Guidelines on how much work to send will be available from your regional Free Reads partner.
  • All extracts should be consecutive and on numbered pages, ideally starting from page one, and not comprised of several extracts.
  • Formatting for short stories and all fiction and non-fiction submissions should follow TLC’s formatting guidelines. All submissions must be double spaced and in a 12 point standard font. We reserve the right to return incorrectly formatted documents.
  1. Once TLC has received and processed your manuscript, you will receive a confirmation email along with a due date for your report. Please do not contact the TLC office about your report before the due date.
  2. Please note that the assessment report will be sent within 6-8 weeks although this is not a formal guarantee.
  3. Please note that all material, both the information about the writer and the submission, is kept confidential.
  4. Once you have received your report, TLC will send you an evaluation survey which is incredibly important for TLC in order to manage the scheme.  We also ask that you keep in touch with your regional writing organisation and/or TLC if you have any updates or success in regards to your manuscript.
  5. For anyone who does get published, TLC is in a position to help them market their work and we hope that we will be able to work together with the different regions to help promote these writers.

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