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What are the submission rules and guidelines?

  • Free Reads are granted to low income, high quality writers.
  • The ACE Free Reads Scheme is free but if submitting a manuscript by hard copy (after special dispensation), all manuscript return requests require a SAE, otherwise hard copy manuscripts will be recycled.
  • All applications must be correctly formatted (12-point font, double spaced for fiction/non-fiction; including word counts for short stories/poetry)
  • Applicants cannot apply two years in a row for a Free Read.
  • Applicants cannot work for the regional writing organisation they apply through.
  • TLC can refuse any material which is deemed unlikely to benefit from the critical reading service or if a reader finds that a submission has been previously published or if we cannot find a suitable editor for your work. If your work is not accepted, it will be returned within 30 days.
  • We accept only single authored work.
  • We accept only writing in English.
  • The applicant should not be part of a creative writing programme or longer writing course.
  • Applicants must be over 16.

Linking quality manuscripts to the industry

If a TLC reader finds that a manuscript is at a very high standard and he or she thinks there may be a potential market for it as well, then we ask the writer to do the necessary revisions and send it to our office where the TLC office will then reassess the manuscript. If TLC finds that they can support a quality manuscript, then they try to place it with an agent. TLC scouts for literary talent, but we never recommend that a writer seek an assessment if their only interest is in being published.

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