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Will Rees is a writer and editor living in London. He is a co-founder and director of Peninsula Press, where he has published works of fiction and non-fiction by Lynne Tillman, Isabel Waidner, Katherine Angel, Josh Cohen, Amber Husain, and many others. Formerly a student of the universities of Sussex, Goldsmiths, and Chicago, he is currently at UCL writing a Wellcome-funded PhD dissertation about imaginary illness in late Victorian British literature and culture. His academic writing has been published in CounterTextTextual Practice, and the Oxford Literary Review, and he is a recipient of the Arthur Terry Essay Prize. His non-academic essays and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in Granta, AeonThe Times Literary SupplementMusic & Literature, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, and he is currently working on his first book.

For TLC Will reads literary fiction, memoirs, and essays