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Anna McKerrow is an author of YA dystopia, adult paranormal fantasy romance and occult fiction. She also writes commercial women’s fiction and cozy mystery under the name Kennedy Kerr for which she is a USA Today bestseller. She is currently working on a nonfiction memoir about her experience of a variety of healing modalities for Watkins Books, which will be out in 2022. She has a lifelong engagement in esoteric subjects and practices, particularly witchcraft and magic. Anna has also published five books of poetry:  Taropoetics, Spectral Emphatic, Regressive Poetics and Girls, Girls, Girls: A Reconstructive Surgery for Misogyny in 8 Songs are published by the Knives, Forks and Spoons Press who specialise in experimental and process-based work. The Fast Heat of Beauty is a work of contemporary poetry and is published by Flambard Press. Her novel, Daughter of Light and Shadows, was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel Association’s Fantasy Romance award in 2019. Anna also works within children’s publishing and is very knowledgeable about children’s books.

For TLC Anna reads fantasy, dystopia, anything with a paranormal theme, witchcraft, women’s fiction and cozy mystery.