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John Harrison is a freelance writer and traveller, and a lecturer specialising in adventure cruise travel in polar regions, Latin America and other remote areas. He writes travel books, history, short stories, reviews and journalism. He has twice been a winner of the national travel writing competition: the Alexander Cordell Award. His first travel book, Where the Earth Ends, was a Sunday Times Book of the Week. His second, Cloud Road, won the 2011 Wales Book of the Year, and is about five months travelling through the Inca heartland in the Andes, walking 700 miles on old Inca roads. Forgotten Footprints, 2012, is a history of the exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula, based on the memoirs of little known sailors, sealers, whalers and explorers who slowly uncovered the last continent. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a member of the Welsh Academi, the Royal Society of Literature, and the British Guild of Travel Writers, and has won their narrative travel writing award for best book. His new book, 1519 A Journey to the End of Time, saw him travelling along the route of Hernán Cortés in his conquest of Mexico. When not travelling, he lives in Cardiff and London.

For TLC John reads non-fiction (travel, self-help), short stories, horror and historical fiction