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As editor, writer and journalist Camilla has worked in London and the Middle East for companies such as the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, The Economist and Al Jazeera. She is also a Company Director for Graham Greene Productions, granting permissions for film and theatre adaptations of novels by Graham Greene. In film and TV development, she worked on several BAFTA-award winning films, including as researcher, producer, script editor and reader, for a range of leading LA and London script doctors and Emmy and RTS-winning production companies. Camilla’s study of Classical Arabic poetry and post-Nahda novels at Cambridge University has also fed her writing, contributions and commissions of features on many Middle Eastern fiction writers and poets for, the bilingual Arab culture magazine she helped launch in 2013. She loves seeing ancient forms recycled (such as in the work of Ghareeb Iskander, Qassim Haddad, as well the vibrant use of verse by greats such as Hafez, Al Nasser and Nizar Qabbani by Majida El Roumi, Fairouz and Hind Hamed, among hosts of other musicians). To this end, she regularly offers feedback and editing support to poets and story writers from the Middle East region. In 2015 she set up an exiled writers group at Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers for those seeking to convert their rich literary heritage into the English language. She draws on rigorous training in both Western and Middle Eastern literary elements, through degrees at the University of Cambridge in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies and English Literature (which hones full critical readings of texts primarily through the Practical Criticism of poetry). Camilla was awarded the Ivy Compton Burnett Prize for Fiction, the Harvard Book Prize, as well as gaining several international film awards.

For TLC Camilla reads poetry, TV/Film screenplays and fiction