Meeting writers on the page since 1996

Julia Forster has worked in publishing for over twenty years. She is currently Co-Director of Being A Writer for TLC and elsewhere she works in PR for independent presses. Julia is currently completing a Diploma in Coaching, specialising in working with authors from her base in mid-Wales where she is opening a writer retreat in autumn 2023. She has written both fiction and non-fiction and is represented by C+W agency; her most recent book was a coming-of-age novel, published in 2016 with Atlantic Books called What a Way to Go. Julia recently received an award from the Society of Authors for a collection of poems which she is currently completing. Her roles in publishing have included working in a literary agency in Soho and screening manuscripts for writer development prizes and awards. As a journalist, poet and critic, her work has appeared in Agenda, Arts Professional, PN Review, Resurgence, New Welsh Review, The Author, The Telegraph and Writing in Education.

For TLC Julia reads contemporary fiction, literary fiction and non-fiction