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Shirley writes all types of scripts: screen, radio and theatre. She’s also published three novels through Bloodhound Books and is a BBC independent producer. She works on her own material as well as commissions and ghost-writing (films, novels and short stories). Some of her short stories have been used by Radio Four. Her films (features and shorts) have won awards at festivals. She’s also won awards for her theatre work, and her prose fiction. As well as producing work and editing for TLC, Shirley edits for film production companies. Understanding a script from the ground up is a skill she’s often called on to use, not just in her script editing, but in her creative writing mentoring. As well as teaching at postgrad and undergrad level at two universities in London, Shirley is currently engaged in a PhD at UEA on Graham Greene and adaptation.

For TLC Shirley reads scripts and screenplays, short stories and fiction