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Creative Gremlins Quiz & Write Club Plus

Struggling to start, stick with or finish a writing project?

You’ve got GREMLINS!

Author Nicola Jackson and Life Coach Teresa Wilson have identified seven sneaky Creative Gremlins that routinely stand between aspiring writers and their creative dreams.

From the implacable Imposter Syndrome Gremlin, to haranguing Hyper-Critical, to persuasive Procrastinator and more, these Creative Gremlins are frequently the cause of writers’ doubts, fears and stalling strategies.

Want to discover which Gremlin is likely to be blocking your creative progress and get quick tips on how to get past it?

Want to know more? Then pick up the Seven Creative Gremlins book. Compassionate, practical and confidence-boosting, this is the perfect travel companion for any writer embarking on a creative journey. Here, you’ll find out why these Gremlins are so damn convincing and, more importantly, you’ll be given the tools to tackle them so you can claim your creative life.

After all, how can you get past the Gremlins if you don’t even know they exist?

Want even more Gremlin-busting ammunition, as well as further support, motivation and inspiration to keep you on track? We are delighted to be part of Write Club Plus, a new digital programme from TLC designed to help you finish your writing project in 2022. We’ll be running a Masterclass on Beating Your Writing Gremlins. Have a look at the whole programme and sign up here! 

Nicola Jackson

Nicola is the author of the award-nominated novel The Gods of Love and its sequel, The Love Delusion (as Nicola Mostyn). Following a master’s degree in English Literature, Nicola began a freelance writing career, working as a journalist, columnist and editor. Now focused on helping writers hone their craft, Nicola is the co-author of writers’ companion Seven Creative Gremlins and works as a Manuscript editor as well as running, offering support, inspiration and tough love to aspiring and established writers. 

Teresa Wilson

Teresa is an experienced Life Coach and co-author of Seven Creative Gremlins. Stories have been a consistent theme throughout her life, including working as an Editor at a children’s publisher and spending ten years in community development supporting people to tell stories about their lives using social media. As a coach, Teresa helps people to explore and explode unhelpful stories they might be telling themselves that stop them living to their full, joyful potential.