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TLC Launches Conscious Writing Month

The Literary Consultancy launches a new series for writers interested in how to lead more conscious lives, with support from Wellbeing in the Arts.

TLC is proud to announce a new series of events inspiring and equipping writers to lead more conscious creative lives. The series is hosted via TLC’s platform for writers, Being A Writer. We are particularly grateful to our sponsor, Wellbeing in the Arts, for making this series possible.

Running 3rd-26th September online, Conscious Writing Month will feature a range of speakers across disciplines and formats, speaking to four key themes: Conscious Mind, Conscious Body, Conscious Climate, and Conscious Society. Tickets are available on a tiered pay what you can afford basis and include access to sessions both live and on demand.

Programme highlights include a provocation from UN advisor Liv Torc (co-Director of Hot Poets, an international collective bringing poets and scientists together), a drawing workshop with author and illustrator Laura Coleman to honour the disappearing world, and a panel discussion drawing from science, economics, and activism featuring climate researcher Zoe Rasbash and novelist Guy Gunaratne. The series has been carefully designed to be inclusive of disabled, neurodivergent and energy-limited writers, with a session by author Polly Atkin exploring speculative accessibility, and a workshop on regenerative breathwork with Farzana Khan (Healing Justice).

Of the series and its inception, TLC Director Aki Schilz said:

“Launching at a historic time in England’s political history, and in troubled but energetic times, this series marks an important step forwards for TLC. We are making our ambitions clear: we believe in the value of storytelling, and in the ability of artists to change the world by remaking it to be better, more mindful, and more ethical. These are divisive and volatile times, but they are also inspiring times, in which the status quo is rightly being challenged and artists are bringing activism to the centre of their practice. This series is a bold step towards articulating ambitions TLC has had since its inception almost 30 years ago. We have always stood for positive change. Now, we’re asking writers everywhere to join us. And to create a collective movement towards more positive futures for everyone. It is a great pleasure to have the support of a sponsor like Wellbeing in the Arts, who are so closely aligned with what we do, and who advocate daily for the importance of protecting wellbeing in order to be our most creative selves.”


Standard: £30 – standard pricing
Supported: £15 – need a discount? Please select our Supported rate
Patron: £45 – help pay it forwards so that another writer can attend
Bursary: £0 – 50 free tickets available for low-income writers. No application needed


Booking is open now on the TLC website. We look forward to welcoming you.

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