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Wrapped Up In Books

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In this month’s TLC Blog, writer Juliana Amaa explores the joy of exploring the written word. This blog is about celebrating the importance of reading and the joys of being fascinated by books.

Each page turns a story into a life.

Book spines

Modern times are making it easier to change the way in which people engage with learning resources in order to retain information taught to them through the appreciation of books. The value of literature and the act of reading produce an intimate relationship between the reader and the text held in their hands. It is an infectious passion for the literary/linguistic disciplines that continue to be revisited and replenished through a vivid search for expanding knowledge and thought.

The value of literature is a key preoccupation with being wrapped up in books. Books are an essential path to acquire knowledge through the avid interest in the pleasurable act of reading. The pleasurable act of reading stems from the flow of ideas that enable imaginative thoughts to formulate into something beautiful existent beyond the pages. Reading continues to carve a place for texts to explore first hand experiences involving extravagant accounts about the possibilities articulating the societal infrastructures across the time.

printing press

Whether it is aesthetical, historical or transnational being drawn to socio political conditions offer what experience can bring out from life. Life is the personal investment in the truth and that has been celebrated in each published offering since the inception of the Printing Press in 1436. Bodies and societies are examples of the lived experiences taking shape in how events are recorded and documented in time as constructive ideas to humanity’s existence. These disciplines are not inseparable in making sense of the world surrounding us as humans as well as thinking beyond the parameters of what can be re-read in alternative languages/voices/ideas.

Each idea opens up debates and discussions about humanity and its abilities to challenge the reasons behind human desire to articulate who they are in order for them to acknowledge their sense of existence as living beings. Humanity continues to search for alternative understandings and fascinations and festivities in being culturally immersed with modern interpretations focused on what it truly means to be alive. To which there are always parts of any narratives that could be revisited or re-altered for further research to emerge.

In other words, the value of literature can be sensory experience that relies on the act of reading
transporting readers back to a certain point in time or reminding them that life is a tangible journey. An essential part of the traditional reading experience is to be immersed by the tactile feel and physically holding back can enhance the value of literature in a vivid sense

Juliana Amaa

Juliana Amaa is a Writer who lives in London. The currency of words always provides her with an on-going preoccupation that involve the acts of both reading and writing to be acknowledged as an enriching experience for masses literary inclusion.

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