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Creativity 150

Creativity 150, TLC's biggest giveaway in partnership with Roger Robinson

Our biggest giveaway, in partnership with Roger Robinson

Do you want to feel happier, healthier, and more creative? Join the writing community with a difference and watch your writing take flight.

Your wellbeing as a writer is at the heart of everything we programme, and your needs are the building blocks of our platform. You, the writers, are our co-creators. Welcome to Being A Writer, TLC’s membership platform for writers at all levels of development, from beginner to well-published.
This month, we have teamed up with poet and creative writing tutor Roger Robinson, who is on a mission to get 10,000 people back to creativity. Roger’s goal is to make creative blocks obsolete. At Being A Writer, our goal is to create a community of happier, healthier writers.

We have joined forces with Roger for Creativity 150, our biggest giveaway to date:

50 free copies of On Creativity for current members (not all shiny offers are just for newcomers!)
50 free copies of On Creativity for new members joining us in January
50 half price memberships for writers affected by the cost of living crisis who are not able to afford the standard or concessionary membership fee

Tell Me More about Being A Writer

Membership gives you access to…

  • TLC’s online membership platform for writers who want to take care of their wellbeing and become happier and healthier writers. Join the writing community with a difference.
  • The entire Being A Writer toolkit including live events, workshops, self study courses, podcasts, digital resources, our Bookshelf of recommended reading, and more.
  • Our entire 2024 programme including monthly group goal setting, evening one-hour writing sprints, monthly mini writing retreats, and the opportunity for 30-minute 1:1 Lightbulb Coaching sessions.
  • Discounts on TLC’s professional editing services and tutored online creative writing courses, and discounts from our partners including book bootcamps, one to one coaching, self publishing packages, and early morning creativity sessions.
  • A members-only newsletter with practical tips on wellbeing and creativity, and with special offers exclusively for you.

Tell me more about the book

Poet and tutor Roger Robinson draws on three decades of experience in conversation with, mentoring and teaching writers. In this book, he takes a deeper look at what’s holding you back, and what could help sustain your creativity. On Creativity is a book of encouragement for anyone interested in seeking to reconnect and reclaim their creativity or interested in bringing creativity to their everyday lives.


  • Over 120 carefully curated ideas about unblocking creativity.
  • Instant download
  • High-quality formatting for easy reading on any device
  • PDF version (for reading on your laptop)

Key Benefits:

  • Improve your creative process
  • Overcome creative blocks and generate new ideas
  • Raise the productivity, quality and confidence of your creativity.
  • Consider the mental snags that prevent you from being creative.
  • Gain access to a treasure trove of impactful and concise creative insights.
  • Explore topics ranging from the practice of poetry through to editing a poem.
  • Discover new strategies and perspectives to enhance your creative thinking.
  • Discover new ideas and exercise critical thought around creativity.
  • Enjoy the convenience of having all of these valuable insights in one place.

How to claim

Being A Writer Members. Tell us what being a writer means to you, and we’ll select our favourite entries to be showcased on our website in a special gallery, with its own digital event. 50 members will be selected to receive a free copy of On Creativity. Tell us what being a writer means to you!

Not yet a member? Sign up to our Annual membership. The first 50 new annual members will receive a free copy of On Creativity. Annual memberships are non refundable.

Need a 50% off membership? Use the code CREATIVITY150x and apply it to our Standard Monthly or Standard Annual Membership. You’ll receive 50% off your first 12 months. Cancel at any time.

Let’s get creative, and build a happier, healthier writing community, together.

One Response

  1. Writing is like something I need to do to be satisfied and quiet the conversations in my head: like eating and drinking, sometimes it’s not even pleasurable, just necessary.

    As the quiet child in the family, it has always been my way of ‘speaking’. It still is and maybe that’s the case for many. the people and world in my head need to show themselves and speak. Some I like and think I’d get on well with, others less so but they need to have a voice too.

    I’m the one who will submit reviews, write letters of praise or complaint, fill out greetings cards and complete surveys that maybe only a robot will read – that’s how much I need to write.

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