A Soldier's Story Comes to Life

May 04, 2020 | Other News

With the 75th anniversary of VE Day approaching on 8th May, we’re very pleased to be able to share a heartwarming TLC client success from Mike Wood, whose new book A Soldier’s Story focusses on his father’s experiences during the Second World War. After transcribing his father’s World War 2 Letts diaries, Mike decided to come to TLC for a manuscript assessment, and, after his work was flagged to us as being of a very high level, we were able to help secure him a literary agent. Mike has already found some great success with the book, having been featured in The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Express and Family Tree Magazine.

We asked Mike to tell us his story, and he spoke to us about the book, which is published by Little, Brown and was launched on 30th April 2020.

“‘A Soldier’s Story’ has been a labour of love, and a long journey which began in 2005. My dad had given me his war diaries, small Letts diaries, full of his thoughts, feelings and actions from the beginning to the end of World War 2. I transcribed the diaries and during numerous discussions with my dad noted his many anecdotes, presenting him with a full transcription for Fathers Day in 2006. 

Fast forward to 2014 and I began work on ‘A Soldier’s Story’, piecing together the jigsaw which became the full picture of my dad’s war. Initially it was my intention that the manuscript would be copied for my immediate family. However, I had seen an article in a national newspaper recommending The Literary Consultancy. Keen to learn from my first attempt to write a book and improve my manuscript I requested a full critique. A few weeks later I had the detailed critique of Karl French along with his view that the book had commercial potential. With the full support of TLC I was able to improve my original manuscript and re-submit to them. Using their extensive knowledge of the publishing world my book was sent to a literary agent on my behalf and the rest is, as they say, history.

The book was launched on 30th April, the end of its long journey. A journey which, without the help and support of TLC, may have stalled at the first crossroads. Thank you TLC, I am very grateful.”

You can pick up a copy of A Soldier’s Story now by clicking here.