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TLC Plants Trees for Writers

This week, the Booksellers’ Association launched its first Green Manifesto, urging the book trade to keep environmental sustainability at the top of its priority list following a survey of members’ environmental commitments.

At TLC, we are proud to share a sustainability policy with the building we are housed in, Free Word, as well as having an action plan around our own activities, including use of local suppliers, minimising travel for reduced carbon footprint, use of recycled and reusable paper and envelopes, and secure recycling of manuscripts by our readers.

But we’d like to do more.

As a first step, we are delighted to announce that from July 2019 onwards, for every writer who signs up to the TLC Chapter and Verse mentoring programme, we pledge to plant one tree in the National Forest, supporting the Commission’s mission to plant 9 million trees.

You can find out more about the mission, and donate directly to the National Forest if you prefer, here.

Read our Chapter and Verse mentoring FAQs for more on the programme, and whether it might be appropriate for you and your writing, here.

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