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TLC Celebrates Trio of Debut Writers

We are thrilled to share new of no fewer than three debuts by TLC clients coming to bookshelves near you in the next 12 months. Huge congratulations are due to Claire, Stephanie, and Claire, who have all worked incredibly hard on their manuscripts over a collective number of years. We will be sharing more information on each of these books in due course, and are immensely proud of them and of all our writers.

“I just wanted to say thanks once again for all your help editing Running in Circles and then for putting me in touch with Sapere Books. They did the cover reveal yesterday, so it’s all starting to feel real now and I’m very excited! I’m so grateful for all your help. I think TLC are amazing, and really unique in the way you offer your services and always seem genuinely passionate about the literary industry.”

Claire Gray, RUNNING IN CIRCLES Sapere Books (forthcoming November 2018)- Claire had a manuscript assessment.You can pre-order her book shortly here

“Writing novels is about the most fun anyone who doesn’t mind spending a lot of time alone can have. It’s also filled with self-doubt, troubled objectivity and creative dilemmas. Once you bring your draft to a certain stage you need to take the brave step of sharing it with others. Friendly readers are great at giving you encouragement, but eventually you need the cool, calm yet gentle eyes of experts. That’s where The Literary Consultancy comes in. After years of beavering away in professional isolation, I made one of the best decisions of my writing career, I called in some collaboration courtesy of an outfit that’s at the top of its game. Working the TLC made all the difference, not just to my book but to my appreciation of what was needed on the road ahead, and, crucially to my confidence. My debut, Bone Lines, went through a couple more incarnations, even after two rounds of working with the wonderful Dr Stephen Carver, but that initial push was the step that transformed everything. If you are prepared to face a few realities and do a lot more hard work (because, honestly, that it what is needed no matter how good you think your draft may be) then I cannot recommend this team highly enough.” 

Stephanie Bretherton, BONE LINES Unbound (forthcoming September 2018) – Stephanie was enrolled on the Chapter and Verse mentoring programme. You can pre-order her book now here

“I wanted to write and thank you for the TLC Free Read report I received a couple of years ago. The feedback helped to clarify what I wanted from my story; it gave me the enthusiasm and motivation to return to my manuscript and do another edit. I just won the Good Housekeeping Novel Competition and my novel is going to be published in 2019. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to access support I would not normally have been able to get. TLC, The Writers’ Centre and the Free Read helped me get to this point.”

Claire Wade, THE BOX, Orion (forthcoming July 2019) – Claire had a TLC Free Read via Writers’ Centre Norwich. Read more on Claire’s blog

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