Announcing TLC's 'Get a Job in Publishing' Bursary Winners

March 13, 2018 | Other News

In April TLC will host a two-day ‘Get a Job in Publishing’ course.  The course, designed by The Book Skills Collective, will offer up-to-date and authoritative insider information from three senior publishing leaders and a range of inspiring industry speakers looking at topics including How a Book Gets Published, What a Financially Successful Book Looks Like, and sessions looking at each of publishing’s key departments in detail (Editorial, Publicity, Marketing, Sales, Rights, and Production and Design). We are delighted to have had 12 sponsors offer to cover ticket costs (and in some cases generous travel bursaries) for the full weekend course and after a challenging decision-making process have awarded the sponsored tickets to the following aspiring publishers.

There are still tickets left to purchase for this event, and we advise early booking to avoid disappointment. A limited discount ticket offer is also available for members of the Society of Young Publishers through their newsletter. We are actively seeking more sponsors to help more aspirant publishers get the opportunity to take part in this course, so please get in touch with us if you are interested in contributing.

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Lily-Mae Williams is 22 years old, and lives in Marple, Stockport. She is a full-time student, currently in her final year of studying for a BA degree in English and Creative Writing at the University of Salford. From the age of 8 to 11, she lived in Alicante, Spain where she wrote her first short story; the story was published in a small collection and sold to raise money for the village. A passion for reading emerged as a teenager, and she continues to enjoy a variety of literature from contemporary to gothic to those we consider classics.

I am extremely excited to be awarded with a bursary ticket to the ‘Get a Job in Publishing’ event as without it I would not be able to attend, nor would I be able to develop a thorough understanding of the industry. Studying English and Creative Writing at university has, without a doubt, introduced me to several people who no doubt possess a real talent for writing. The event, however, is an opportunity for me to both create valuable contacts in the publishing world, whilst providing me with priceless information I would not otherwise have. Receiving one of the few bursary tickets means I am one step closer to reaching a dream job in the publishing industry, and therefore I am extremely grateful since it will no doubt assist in ensuring my CV stands out from among the crowd.”

With thanks to our anonymous sponsor for this ticket


Tia Albert is a full time English Literature undergraduate at the University of Winchester. She is a leader of her local book club and an avid writer in her spare time. She is currently writing a dissertation on how Andrea Levy attempts to reconcile the trauma of slavery, colonialism and migration within the representation of Black British identity in her novels.

“I’m very excited to have been accepted for the Jacaranda ticket to attend the Get a Job in Publishing course. My dream is to be an editor of a literary magazine for women of colour and so attending this event will hopefully give me the knowledge and insight I need to pursue my career and other ventures. As a Black British woman of West Indian descent, I seldom see representation of my demographic within the media, education and employment. The Jacaranda ticket has thus provided an opportunity for a minority to access the elite world of publishing which is a step forward in remedying the lack of diversity within the publishing industry.”

With thanks to Valerie Brandes at Jacaranda Books


As an aspiring editor and a BAME student, Lok Yee Liu feels passionately about diversity in the publishing world. She comes from Manchester and is currently a final-year English student at the University of Nottingham. Alongside her publishing experience, living in the North has given her a fantastic insight into regional voices, and she would love to bring this influence into her work. She has loved her time as the editor of herUniversity’s music magazine and sees it as a brilliant platform to explore more about the other roles in publishing. She is looking forward to TLC’s Get into Publishing event and would like to thank Bluemoose Publishing for this fantastic opportunity to learn more.

“I am excited to explore the different roles within publishing and develop my existing skills. Poetry and non-fiction are areas that I have worked with, but an exciting development is the digital side of publishing and how new technologies can help with getting new groups of people interested in reading. E-books and audiobooks are areas I would love to learn more about, especially as they are so different to traditionally printed, paper books. I would love to hear about what current projects the publishing world are working on and how they will fit into current trends.”

With thanks to Kevin Duffy at Bluemoose Books  


Becky Boxx is a 22-year-old student from Manchester. She is currently in the final year of an undergraduate degree in French and German at the University of Bristol and would love to establish a career in publishing after graduation this July.

“I am thrilled to have been awarded a bursary ticket for this event! As a full-time student who is never particularly close to London, this bursary ticket has made it possible for me to travel to such an event. Furthermore, as a BAME aspirant publisher without an English or Creative Writing degree, this opportunity has made me feel incredibly included and inspired. The event will provide me with a greater understanding of the industry, practical tips for how to enter it, and advice from speakers with a wealth of experience, all of which I would have been unable to access without this bursary ticket.”

With thanks to Kevin Duffy at Bluemoose Books  


George Hewett sees himself as an adaptable, conscientious and enthusiastic person who is also hardworking and motivated with a passion for a career in Book Publishing. Motivated, confident, keen to learn and with strong attention to detail as well as having excellent interpersonal skills, he is actively pursuing his passion. Courses for Book Publishing under his belt, and with a clear focus ahead, he is currently honing my skills in an Administration role, and learning some new skills in the process.

“I am thrilled and excited to have been accepted as receiving a Bursary Ticket, namely the “Kit De Waal” Ticket, to this Weekend Seminar. Being from the North West of England, Publishing Opportunities are few and far between, having nearly all small presses in Manchester and the surrounding areas. By offering me this Subsidised Ticket, I can go to one of the Hubs of Publishing in England, London, and get insight knowledge from 3 great speakers, on wide ranging topics such as how to create a Great CV and Covering Letter, over two days at the Free Word Centre, and put what I have learnt into practice when I get home. I am looking forward already to coming to the Free Word Centre for this fascinating “How To Get Into Publishing” Course, and thank you to The Literary Consultancy, and its Director, Aki Schilz, for giving me this opportunity to not only receive a Ticket, but also a Travel and Subsidence Bursary as well.”

With thanks to novelist Kit de Waal


Ellen Turner has a Bachelor’s degree in History and American Studies from the University of Birmingham, and the University of Iowa. After leaving Birmingham, she worked in administrative roles, before moving to Melbourne to help transform one building site into two restaurants. After her return from Australia, she turned her hand at television production. Although she enjoyed her time as a runner immensely, she discovered that her true passion lies in telling stories through the medium of books, rather than television. She enjoys reading literary fiction and any non-fiction that can teach her how to successfully conquer the patriarchy.

“Publishing is a notoriously difficult industry to break into, and it can be disheartening to be faced with so many different barriers to entry. In my own attempts to enter the industry, I have made it to the final interview stage several times only to be told I was “just pipped” by the candidate with direct publishing experience. Without the financial backing to attend an unpaid internship my own search has often felt fruitless. This conference will equip me with the skills to conquer my lack of direct experience, and help make my application stand out! I am unbelievably grateful to be awarded this bursary ticket. Without it, I would quite simply be unable to attend such an event. I would like to use this space to say a very big thank you to Dead Ink Books and TLC for giving me a helping hand towards achieving my dream job!”

With thanks to Nathan Connolly at Dead Ink Books

ANNA AND NED VAUGHT TICKET: Eloise Nic an Airchinnigh 

Eloise is a freelance copy-editor, academic tutor and Spanish/French to English translator. She also taught English as a Foreign Language for many years, and still teaches occasionally in Brighton. She holds a PhD from the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies in Trinity College Dublin and is completing the Creative Writing Programme at the Writer’s Place in Brighton. This is helping her to complete the second draft of her epic fantasy novel.

“I’m delighted to be able to attend the Get a Job in Publishing weekend workshop and learn more about opportunities that might be available to me in publishing. I get great satisfaction from helping writers, researchers and students to develop and polish their work, but at the moment, I mostly work with individuals and businesses. I’m now really keen to learn how I can push my career to the next level by working directly with publishers. Because of my academic background, I’m interested in possibilities in both fiction and non-fiction. I’m very grateful to the sponsors for this bursary, as I would have struggled to attend without it.”

With thanks to Anna and Ned Vaught 


Rhianna Pritchard is twenty years old and currently in her third year studying Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, with the aim of becoming an editor. She is a published author, travel writer and poet, and spent three years freelancing as an editor and proofreader before starting her degree. As an asexual activist and part of the 2018 Pride Committee, she is currently organising the university’s first ever Pride March.

“Attending the ‘Get A Job in Publishing’ event is the next step towards the goal I’ve been working towards for the past six years! I am eager to meet industry professionals and learn more about the publishing industry from within; it’s a very different perspective than my degree offers. Asexuality is often overlooked, and as an almost invisible part of an already marginalised community, I have often been disappointed by the limited diversity or understanding in my circle of reading. As a result, changing attitudes of authors and publishers alike is increasingly exciting. The importance of LGBTQ+ representation cannot be overstated, and I hope to be able to bring these values to an industry on the forefront of social change.”

With thanks to novelist Michael Langan 

EMMA WARD TICKET: Megan Elliott 

Megan is a 23-year-old final year Fine Art student at City & Guilds of London Art School. Founder, Director and Editor of Assemblage Magazine (2016), an arts magazine supporting emerging artists. To champion female authors, Megan is currently reading books exclusively by women. She is particularly interested in fiction exploring mental health issues and enjoys following Reese Witherspoon’s book club on Instagram (@reesesbookclubxhellosunshine). Favourite book of 2017 was ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman. Lover of reading, cooking, creating and herbal tea.

“I am tremendously grateful to have been awarded the Emma Ward bursary ticket to the ‘Get a Job in Publishing’ event. Without this financial support, I would not be able to attend. I have been excited about a career in publishing for a long time but have experienced difficulties obtaining a paid work experience placement. Unable to undertake unpaid work, I am keen to improve my job prospects by learning as much as I can about publishing. As I am not from an English Literature/Creative Writing background, this event is going to be incredibly insightful. I am eager to learn about the topical issues facing the sector so that I can build my commercial awareness of the industry. Not yet set on a specific job role, I hope that learning more about the roles in each department will help me to understand which career choice is right for me!”

With thanks to Emma Ward 


Daisy is a 22 year old working class queer from Port Talbot (South Wales) currently living in South East London. She is a candidate on the Creative & Life Writing MA at Goldsmiths College where she studies part-time. The rest of her time is spent working in a cafe and sifting through submissions for flipped eye press.

“I’m super excited to be awarded this bursary because I’m bored of being told by careers advisers that the only way into the publishing industry if through an unpaid internship. I’m looking forward to learning about the ins and outs of the industry, what roles and departments there are, and what exactly a worker in publishing spends their day to day doing. I need more clarity! I can’t wait for the course and I can’t thank the decision-makers involved in giving me the chance to attend enough.”

With thanks to Arts Council England’s Quality Writing for All funding support of TLC which has allowed us to award this ticket 


Amy is a third-year Publishing with Creative Writing student at Bath Spa University. She has a passion for communicating science and writes science articles for a local online publication. As part of one of her university modules, Amy commissioned and designed a popular science book about the future of the human eye. She hopes to work in trade non-fiction following her degree with the goal of one day becoming a popular science publisher. In her spare time Amy enjoys reading, photography and walks with her cocker spaniel, Millie.

“I am so excited to have been chosen for this opportunity, as it will not only give me an insight into the industry I hope to work in, but also offer me the chance to hear from people working in book publishing what it is they are looking for in a CV, covering letter, interview etc. All industries are now realising how important it is to be diverse and inclusive. As a person with a disability, I’ve not be able to work alongside my degree and thus wouldn’t be able to make the course without this bursary ticket. I know I have a lot to bring to the industry, and I know there will still be barriers I have to face, but this course will help me get my foot in the door and hopefully give me the awareness and knowledge I need to Get a Job in Publishing!”

With thanks to Joe Sedgwick 


Eiman Munro, a Physics Graduate, has worked in the private sector as a Trainee Actuary, the public sector as a Physics teacher, and as a Science Games Designer in the social enterprise sector. She has won numerous awards as a social entrepreneur. She juggled having children with the challenges of growing a card games publishing enterprise for 10 years before setting out to write a series of stories to accompany one of her science card games. During her career break to develop her writing further, she decided to enter traditional publishing to follow a passion she always had, a love for books.

“I am delighted to be receiving the bursary to attend the Getting a Job In Publishing course from my generous sponsor, Aki Schilz. As I’m considered a career changer it’s been a challenge to get the training I thought was necessary. My Science background seemed to work against me as I have been turned down for the necessary funding to pay for a master’s degree in Publishing and Creative Writing. It’s also proven difficult to enter a new field as an older candidate for entry-level work. I’m just very excited with this opportunity as it is just the sort of catalyst I need to bring me up to speed with an industry I’ve grown so fond of during my ad hoc time developing my skills independently.”

With thanks to Aki Schilz