Rhiannon Lewis's Historical Debut to Victorina Press

October 30, 2017 | Other News, TLC Talent

“The novel would not be what it is now without the help of [TLC editors] Karl French and Michael Langan. Karl read an early draft and his response made me realize that writing a novel was not beyond my capabilities. Reading his report was honestly one of the best moments of my life. Even though there was still work to do, he made me believe that I was not mad to think I could write an entire novel. The second reading by Michael Langan forced me to ask uncomfortable questions about aspects of the story that I thought were fixed. Going back to the book at that stage was very hard, but ultimately worth it. I still refer to both reports when I need words of wisdom and moral support.” 

We are thrilled to announce that TLC writer Rhiannon Lewis will have her historical debut My Beautiful Imperial published by Victorina Press this December, with launches in Wales and in London. My Beautiful Imperial (initially submitted to TLC as Imperial) tells the story of a Welsh sea captain on a journey to South America.  Trapped by unfolding events in the Chilean Civil War, Davy believes he can turn things to his own advantage. Under duress, he accepts the captaincy of the steamship Imperial, and at first both fame and fortune follow. But the price of ambition is high, and the war, which promised so much, spells disaster for those around him. His hollow gains are outweighed by increasing losses, because no one can put a price on friendship, and love.

We showcased an earlier draft of the manuscript in 2016, which you can read in exclusive extract, along with a little of Rhiannon’s writing journey, here. We wish Rhiannon every success and are absolutely delighted that her writing has found a home.


Driven from all that matters, Davy has been sent away to sea. He must navigate a way between bullies and storms, just to survive. Against the odds, success is within reach – his first captaincy is promised and he has met Estella.

But revolution erupts in Chile. Davy’s new ship, the Imperial, is commandeered, along with its crew. Amidst the terror, Davy learns to call another country home. He learns that love and friendship have no borders of their own.

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About Rhiannon

Rhiannon Lewis was born in Cardigan, West Wales, and she comes from a long line of farmers and sailors. Her family was interested in history, and she grew up in an atmosphere of hand-me-down stories. One of those stories included her grandfather’s memories of Captain David Davies and the Chilean civil war. Educated at the Universities of Wales at Aberystwyth and Cardiff, Rhiannon worked as a teacher and lecturer before going on to work in public relations, marketing and communications. Whilst researching Captain David Davies’ background, Rhiannon discovered an amazing story that was crying out to be told. The result is My Beautiful Imperial. Rhiannon is married to Gareth, and they live in Wales and London. She has a son, Steffan, and two stepdaughters, Rebecca and Darcie.