Kate Blair's Tangled Planet Published by Cormorant Books

July 31, 2017 | Other News, TLC Talent

Kate’s TLC Journey

“Tangled Planet is my second published novel, but the fourth time I’ve sent a manuscript to The Literary Consultancy. I got two reports on my first book as I tried to reshape it to something publishable, and even though that book never sold, I learned so much from the reports I received. Learning to write is a process, and feedback is a vital part of it. While I have beta readers and crit groups, I still value the input of a Literary Consultancy report, as friends can pull their punches and are obviously less methodical in their feedback, and a chapter-by-chapter crit group approach often misses structural problems.”

About the Books

Transferral came out in Canada in late 2015 and the US in May 2016. It and has been optioned for a potential TV series and nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Awards, the Snow Willow Award and the Sunburst Award. It was recently translated into French and is available from Éditions Michel Lafon. ‘Tangled Planet is coming out in Canada in September 2017, and in the US in Spring 2018.

About Tangled Planet

It’s taken 400 years of travel, but the starship Venture has finally arrived at its destination. Beta Earth is an uninhabited, untouched planet, ready for seventeen-year-old engineer Ursa and her crewmates to colonize.

But on her first night on Beta, Ursa finds a dead body. She’s positive she saw a large creature with sharp teeth, something that shouldn’t be on the planet, but nobody believes her. As injuries and bodies start piling up, Ursa must figure out who to trust when her fellow crewmates start taking sides between Venture’s safety and the hope of creating a home on Beta Earth.

If Ursa and her people can’t find out what’s really going on in the forest, their fragile society won’t survive.

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