A Cricket Book for Cricket Fans, by TLC Client Ranjan Mellawa

May 10, 2017 | TLC Talent

We are delighted for TLC client Ranjan Mellawa who has just launched his self-published book Winds Behind the Willows, which has a foreword by cricketing legend Roshan Mahanama and is already garnering positive reader responses. We’re extremely pleased for Ranjan, who has kindly written of his journey to self-publication with TLC’s support:

“When I first started my maiden foray into the literary world, I didn’t even know the difference between publishing and printing. TLC’s Karl French’s assessment of the partly-completed manuscript showed me the way through the dark. Then, reader Alan Wilkinson’s suggestions made a real impact on fine-tuning the final script. Richard Sheehan rounded off with a thorough and professional copy-editing job that exceeded my expectations. TLC’s help was invaluable for me to self-publish the book with confidence. Many thanks to Aki Schilz.”

Here’s a little more about the book:

Winds Behind the Willows is a fascinating account of an extraordinary, five-decade journey across exotic lands in eleven countries; Ranjan Mellawa’s Winds Behind The Willows is unlike any other cricket book. Inspired by a fully cassocked priest playing cricket in the church green, he began as a humble and passionate village cricketer. Years later, he was blessed with the good fortune to be present at virtually all epic moments in Sri Lanka cricket, including six World Cup finals. The story encompasses interesting off-field anecdotes and mini-dramas, some involving famous cricketers, and entices the reader to join the author’s sojourns, beyond live cricket score on the card. Mellawa’s spell as the secretary of Ragama CC, a first-class cricket club in Sri Lanka, enabled him to relate a hitherto unpublished, firsthand account of the country’s chaotic latter-day cricket administration. It follows an insight into the island nation’s pre-Test cricket days. He also recalls opportunities he created for talented young cricketers, to reach the pinnacle. Not stopping at sharing the rich life skills developed and lessons learnt from the game’s many alluring features, the author offers some useful suggestions from a fan’s perspective on; * revitalising the game,* adding value to enhance experiential fandom and* treating fans with greater respect and dignity. The story also harks on the role played by Mellawa’s ‘cricket widow’ wife amid his struggles for a balanced work-life, with cricket as an ever-present backdrop. In his Foreword, former Sri Lanka player and ICC Match Referee, Roshan Mahanama describes the book as ‘a reader’s delight, which will have pride of place in my cricket library and says that he ‘wouldn’t be surprised if it does become a bestseller.’ Having woven a rich tapestry of first-hand experiences, the book has earned itself endorsements from legends of the game around the world, emphasising that cricket itself is a greater story than told by any scorecard.

You can buy the book here, and find out more on Ranjan’s personal website.

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